Problems Are Irrelevant, It’s How You Resolve It

Life is not problem-free.

It will never be. Problems come and go. It’s a fact. We are better for it once it is resolved because it is how we become wiser, stronger, and tougher. While problems are faced on a regular basis, they do not last. Bad times have their endings. You are more resilient. We all are.

It is really not the kind of problem we face but rather how we deal with it. It can be the most trivial one, and yet we would fold or the most tragic or earth-shattering one and yet we would barely flinch. It is a matter of attitude and no, not indifference. We can cope with anything – we are built to survive challenges in life. We are being tried and tested all the time even when we don’t know it.

The best thing we can do is look for the silver lining, even in the bleakest of situations because that silver lining will be the thread that would pull us through. It is not always easy, and at times, it seems easier to let go. Don’t. There is so much more in you than you think and give yourself credit for.

It may not be easy, but it does not mean you would not get something good out of it, too. Remember, diamond does not sparkle without pressure. We are only being tested to be the best we can be. Before one succeeds, one has to learn hard lessons and fail at some point. It happens to everyone, successful people included. Perhaps it is in a different way and form, but even the ones who are already ahead have gone through the same thing you did. The difference, they did not give up and neither should you.

Cope with grace and carry on, no matter what. That is the secret to life that is happy and successful and brimming with gratitude.

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