Punctuality Problem? Here’s How You Can Resolve It

Being on time is a rare quality.

We say this because we have met a lot of people from different walks of life and very few of them possess the habit of being punctual.

When I was in college, I was never late for class for a whole year. The sad thing about it? Everyone else was, including the professors, every single time. To think, I was a working student and I traveled to school during rush hour. On my second year, which was sadder still, I had given up and showed up in class whenever I could. I never thought being late was a problem. Why should it be when nobody cared anyway?

Wrong. Good habits should be retained and should be emulated by other people and the ones we come in contact with, even when only a few people are doing it.

How do we deal with it? Consider the following:


We get it. It is so easy to say than actually do it. But we have to learn to put what’s really important on top of the list. For example, at night, the priority is to ensure you would get a decent amount of sleep. That means staying off social media late at night or doing late night readings. While catching up with friends and reading may be beneficial, it does not help if you are sacrificing your sleep. When this happens, you will wake up late the next day and most likely late for work. Either that or you will not be productive at work when you are sleepy. It is a lose-lose situation, wouldn’t you agree?

Admit that it is a problem.

The sooner you acknowledge this, the better. When you know it is a problem, you can start looking for a solution and what other possibilities you can do to ensure you will be prompt on your next appointment, and you would surprise your boss when you show up ahead of everyone else. How is that for a change, right?

Be ready for whatever will come.

Admittedly, we can never be truly ready for a lot of things, but when you psych yourself to be prepared for anything, you would be. Case in point, being on time in every commitment you make, professionally and personally.

It may be difficult at first, but when you get used to it, you will appreciate being punctual every single time.

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