5 Tips and Tricks To Raise Mentally Tough Kids

Kids learn what they see.

They remember what they do together with their parents and even when they cannot articulate it into words yet sometimes, it is something they will take with them as they grow up and mature. That is why it is important that we show a good example and teach them, to help them become mentally tough.

We have some tricks and tips to make it happen. Here they are:

Show them courage

Courage is one thing they should learn at an early age. Allow them to be independent, to try things on their own, to explore and be curious. It is important that they discover the wonders they can do and to be courageous and dare even when things seem scary. Guide them, but don’t cuddle them.

Let them know it is okay to fail

They will scrape their knees, bruise their legs and bump their heads. They will also fail in many things before they get them right. They will learn to be more careful and to think things through if need be, something they can develop more as years go by.

Don’t give in to everything they want

One time, when my baby was crying, I asked what she wanted. I stopped on my track because it was a wrong question to ask. Now, I always remember to ask what she needs. This way, she will begin to understand that I will give her what she needs but not all of what she wants. Even as adults, we cannot always get what we want, and this should be taught to children to set the right expectation and condition their mind to the reality of life.

Don’t allow them to control you

We have seen parents who give in to every whim of their children. We are not here to judge or to preach, but we do encourage parents to not allow their children to have control over everything they do and want. They need our guidance even when they don’t understand it yet, and we should give it, even when they don’t want it. Set ground rules, bend it once in a while but make them be guided it.

Never expect perfection

We, as adults, are not perfect, and we will never be. Do not expect it from your children because like us; they are not perfect. They will make mistakes, as we did, and still do. Remind them that it is okay, that we learn from the mistakes we commit and we grow from each challenge. The important thing is that they always try and keep trying until they get it right.

Do these, and you will raise a mentally tough child, aware of the beauty of the world and the challenges that come with it and that life is better because of it.

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This article originally appeared in http://healthdelight.com/. Reposted with permission.