4 Good Reasons To Start At The Bottom

Success begins not at the top.

It is not always an enticing prospect, to be at the bottom of the ladder, or to start over at some point, but once we try and make it work, it always pays off, and it pays off really well.

If you are not feeling great about starting at the bottom or you are unhappy about it, here are the good reasons it is OK to start at the bottom of the ladder:

It is a good place to start
With or without experience, being at the bottom does not always feel good nor does it promote confidence. However, when you have an open mind and willing to learn and explore, it is the best place to be. Why? It is the place of learning and molding your character, something you need, something we all need.

It is a learning experience
What you didn’t know before can be learned while you are working on making it to the next rung of the ladder and while you are on your way to the top. Good or bad, charge it to experience, and you will grow not only professionally but also personally. This is something you cannot put a price tag on.

It teaches you hard work
Being at the bottom will be one of the most challenging things you will face and do. It will also be the most rewarding. You learn how to work hard for what you want, something that is essential if you want to achieve your dreams. Even if you don’t learn anything else, if you learn hard work, everything else will be worth it.

It instills humility
Being humble is becoming a rarity these days. When you have experienced how it is to be at the bottom, where people hardly see you nor realize you exist, you know how it is to be there hence you understand more and you see things better in a different perspective. Being at the bottom makes humility becomes you.

Being at the bottom is never a bad thing. It helps you discover who you are, what you can do, and manifest your strength.

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