4 Possible Reasons You Could Get Fired

You know what’s dreadful?

Getting the pink slip. We need a job because we have a family to support, needs to meet and a future to prepare for. We also have whims to satisfy and places to visit. There are so many reasons why we are kicking butt every single day.

A job is important, and we cannot emphasize this enough. That is why; if you have a job, value it. Not everyone gets the same chance as you do.

To keep your job and not disrupt your progress, you have to avoid doing or saying these things:

I have different priorities

You never say that to your employer or even your co-workers. Even if something is not your priority, if you are asked to do it, you do it. Maybe not right the very moment you are asked, but you can say you will get to it after you are done with what you are doing. Besides, when the boss asks, so long as it is not unreasonable, you have to do it anyway.

I am being paid too little

Perhaps this is true, but it is also true that you had had a chance to negotiate your salary before you accepted the job, so there is no surprise there. Deal with it now. Don’t complain but do remember to negotiate your salary on the next evaluation or before you take a new job.

It is not part of my job

There are a lot of things you may consider not part of your job, but we don’t say that to our boss unless it is unreasonable or illegal. Instead of refusing, you can consider it a learning experience and then be clear about what your job description is when you next talk to HR.

I can’t do this anymore

Yes, you can. Even if you can’t, you have to perform your duties and responsibilities. If you can’t deal with it anymore, do it the right way. Resign and be professional about it. But if you want to stay, don’t complain and give your employers reasons to fire you. Remember that there is always a right way to do everything.

There are many reasons why you would be let go, some of them beyond your control but it is better to be that way than making it your fault and regret it later.

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