Rock Bottom Makes You Better Or Worse But Opportunities Remain

Fate is like spin-a-bottle kind of game.

We all get broken in different ways, and we react to it in varied ways as well.
For some, it is a realization that life does not end in one (or two) setback, nor it defines their personality. It is a mere stopover before the journey continues. For others, everything ends at that moment; the world has gone dark, and no hope is left; Two different reactions in one blow.

If you think hope is gone because somebody cheated on you, you are wrong. If you believe you will not succeed because you did not do well in school or you never had a chance to attend one, you are mistaken. If feel you are fighting the battle alone, you are imagining things. You forget the fact that despite what happened, opportunities to bounce back remain the same, even though you have hit rock bottom at some point.

Broken crayons still color.

Just because you feel pain does not mean it is not going to end. Just because you lost the love of your life is not an indication that you will not love again. You failed today, but you haven’t lost the fight. A crayon colors the same even if it has been broken into small pieces. You are the same person, and you can still do whatever you please and kick butts whenever you want.

When you get hurt or fail or lost an opportunity, regroup and revisit your strategy. Take time to heal and recover. Get better. Plan again. You can still do it. To give up is a big mistake. A pencil is sharpened for a reason, and you are going through something for good reason as well. In most cases, you are being prepared to toughen up and learn from experience.

Therefore, get up and color your world even if fate attempts to make it black and white!

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