What Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Achieve Your Dreams?

Do you ever think it is worth it?

The things we do to achieve our dreams are sometimes unthinkable. Not in the very sense of the word but before we have achieved them, we did think it was impossible, didn’t we?

If it were me, I would be willing to sacrifice the following:

Instant gratification.

Yes, I am willing to do this because it would be worth it, that much I know. I could buy the latest iPhone and dress in the latest fashion, but I would rather spend money on something else for now until I have achieved what I mean to.

My time.

This is easier said than done, naturally. However, instead of going to bed whenever I want, I will get the sleep I need and work harder than I have ever been. While I will miss my friends, I would also rather miss late night parties and gatherings. I will spend long hours grinding and hustling instead.

I will opt for a simpler lifestyle.

At the onset, this may appear as a sacrifice, but when you get used to it, such a lifestyle would be preferable in the long run. I will eat what my body needs and practice minimalism. Life is a lot simpler that way. Would you agree with this?

I will get a job or two.

Day job is one way to survive while working on a business or doing the grunt work to achieve my goals and aspirations. I will find a job that aligns with my passion, work hard, stay at it and on my spare time, work on my dream. It would be better if I can manage to do both simultaneously but sometimes, I have to prioritize my job to follow my dream as well.

How about you? What are you willing to sacrifice? Let us know in the comment section, would you?