These Are The Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Cost

We all want to close the deal.

Are you in sales? Selling is not an easy job although other people make it seems so easy.

You know you can sell but sometimes, in your eagerness to do so; you end up ruining your chance instead. It happens to the best of us and even though we mean well, we end up sabotaging our own strategy instead.

But do not lose hope. There is a way to avoid selling mistakes, and although you may not be able to rectify the past ones, you can avoid or, at least, minimize mistakes moving forward.

They say experience is the best teacher, but this is only true if we really learn from them. Therefore, read on below and learn how not to commit the mistakes in selling that must be avoided at all cost.

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3 Major Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

Your persistence comes off as nagging

The fix: Plan to reach out five times over the first 30 days — and if there’s no bite, give it three to six months before trying again.

You don’t seize the moment

Does a customer seem interested? Jump at it aggressively.

Your overconfidence is off-putting

Are you an imperfect salesman? Embrace it, and even admit it.

–by Joe Robinson

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