Save Your Conversations By Avoiding The 2 ‘Killer’ Words

It could go for or against you.

Whether you are talking to a friend, closing a business deal or negotiating a business proposal, it could go in your favor or literally against you—depending how you handle it.

At the end of the day, it is how you control the conversation and manage the flow of the discussion. After all, nobody wants to be told, implicitly or explicitly, that he is wrong. The bottom line is, we all want to be listened to at some point (or perhaps most of the time? You know I am joking, right?).

If you want to avoid a breakdown in any or all of your conversations, be conscious of using the words “No” and “But.” It is like saying to the other person that he is wrong in not so many words. Instead, convey a positive and inviting message such as, “I would like to hear about this…”

This advice came from Linked In Pulse and would be helpful in your daily discussion in your personal and professional life. Read on below to learn more.

Say, how do you efficiently handle your conversations?

Two Words That Will Kill Any Conversation

It doesn’t matter how friendly your tone is or how honey sweet you are in a conversation, when you start your sentences with one of these words (or both), the message to your recipient is “You are wrong.”

What are these conversation stopping words? They are “No” and “But.”

These words don’t say, “Let’s discuss this” or “I’d love to hear what you think about this” to people. They say, unequivocally, “You are wrong and I am right.”

Stop trying to defend your position and start monitoring how many times you begin remarks with “no” or “but.” Pay close attention to when you use these words in sentences.

–by Marshall Goldsmith

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