This Is The Secret To Genuine Happiness

Does it exist?

A secret only a few people know about? Or is it something that has been mastered by a few and they have refused to share the same knowledge. Yes, when it comes to happiness, we do wonder.

There are a lot of reasons to be happy, but like anything that is emotion, they are all fleeting. We can say that we all want to be happy, but it is seemingly hard to be.

There are many reasons to be happy, and yet we find even more reasons to be unhappy. We are fickle as we are easily pleased, and we are complex as we are uncomplicated.

As we age, however, we realize that we want to make things easier, less complicated and most of all, if we can have it, zero drama. But we can search, dig, chase far and wide and yet still not find happiness if there is one thing we don’t  appreciate and feel genuinely. You know what it is? Love.

Yes, love. It can do many things, make us irrational, sad, giddy, and all kind of emotions that are hard to put into words. But one thing love does to all of us is make us happy.

Love helps us become more inspired, motivated, and more willing to go the extra mile. It is what makes us happy. Having said that, if we have to be happy, we have to focus on love. Any kind of love will take us to a whole new level of happiness. Love does not have to be defined. All we have to do is to acknowledge it and grow from it.

It is no wonder we are going the extra mile for the people we love. The same thing happens when it comes to our pets. It is because they make us happy, so much so that we are willing to do everything we can to make them happy as well.

Love, as we always say to family and friends, cannot be truly defined with words. It is something we never question. Love is pure and perhaps the most beautiful of all emotions. That is why we must treasure and nurture it to make sure it would grow and become stronger over time.

Why? Because love is the source of happiness. It could be the answer to the search for being happy. It is not just about love for others but most importantly, love for oneself. When one feels the love, one is happy even when such feeling is not reciprocated sometimes.

What we can do is love fully, and happiness will not be far from our reach.

What do you think? Do you believe as much? Do share your thoughts in the comments.