Should You Trust Successful People’s Advice?

It is hard not to.

Successful people are the ones we look up to. After all, they have gone through the experience, and they were able to overcome the challenges, so why not?

Bite Size Psych says you should not and I beg to differ. Whenever we think of success, we are aware that there is a corresponding failure along the way, that it is more than success itself, but rather, how one got there. It is the experience, the journey, the tenacity.

When one says he is successful, in most cases, he also admits being a failure at some point. It becomes a hoax one when claims to have reached success without a single bump in the road. This is when it becomes a different story.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Should you trust the advice given by successful people? You are the best person to answer that.

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Source: Bite Size Psych