Why Are Smart People Not Always Successful?

They are the ones “tagged” as most likely to succeed.

In a not-so-surprising turn of the wheels, they don’t.

The irony of life cannot get more ironic than that, could it? All of us know someone, or to be precise, expected someone to succeed but didn’t. If you have been wondering or wondered at some point as I did, despite having the brains and all, here are the possible reasons:

1. They are smart, and they know they have time.

This is a mistake and the first sign of downfall. They don’t have time. Smart or not, we are all given the same amount of time, which is 24 hours a day. The difference is how you use it. If you and I are working our butt off each day, as opposed to some who aren’t, we will take the win. Whereas smart people lost a day, we have inched forward. It is a feat on its own.

2. They are smart, and they make excellent excuses.

It’s not a matter of who does what; it’s a question of who make the best excuse. This is another epic fail when it comes to achieving one’s goal in life.

3. They are smart, and they are great procrastinators.

Going back to not learning the value of time, they do not consider running out of it. They think that because they are smart, they can do things later and get it done. The word “now” is alien to them, and “later” is the first thing that enters their mind whenever something has to be done.

4. They are smart, and they do not acknowledge adversity.

They think that any challenge may be beaten by their possessed intellect alone and that it is negotiable. They have forgotten to realize that the very things not negotiable are hard work and dedication.

5. They are smart, and they think they can get away with anything.

One thing is certain; they cannot get away with half-hearted work, shortcuts, and anything that can be “substituted” with smarts!

Now, tell us. Are you still wondering why? One more thing, how smart are you?