Some Battles Are Not Won In A Single Fight

You may have to stumble a dozen times.

It may even be more than that. That is how much it would take before you get what you want. Success, after all, was not invented for the weak but for those who have the toughest resolve.

To be on the safe side, never count how many times you have hit the ground, but rather, how many times you have picked yourself up and started again.

%22You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.%22- Margaret Thatcher

Success, like some fights, is not won overnight, or in a single fight. It may take two, three or more attempts to be won and to come up with a winning strategy. Would you give up and wave the white flag right away? Don’t. Don’t even consider it because your final attempt may be the winning shot you have been waiting for.

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