Struggling As A Working Mother? Here’s Why You Should Push Harder

Life is not easy when you are single.

Life doesn’t get any easier when you are a mother, much more a working one or running your own business.

In the workplace, colleague sometimes look at mothers with jealousy because they get to clock off on the dot, they get flexible holidays, and whatever benefits working mothers get.

We are not saying workers without kids deserve less, but being a mother, you do get a bit of freedom although sometimes, it ends there.  This is also not to discount mothers who prefer to stay at home to take care of the family. They are heroes in our book as well.

Being a mother is rewarding, and from what we have heard, there is nothing like it. My parents sometimes say we will only understand being parents when we become parents, too. Truth be told, we cannot wait, but at the same time, we dread the struggles that come with it.

While many consider motherhood the best job in the world, the challenges that come with it are not for the faint of hearts.

If you are a working mother, whether single or not and are struggling to keep things together, remember the following:

Your children see you as a role model.

They witness, first hand, how you expertly manage career and family life. Sure, you are far from being an expert, you have struggles, and you want to pull your hair sometimes, but you are doing your best, and whether they let you know or not, your children appreciate it.

Your children will grow up to be responsible adults.

Being a working mother, you teach your children early on about responsibility, small house chores, and little tasks until they are ready for bigger ones. You cannot do everything, and every little assistance helps. This way, early on, children learn the value of hard work.

Children inspire you to succeed more.

You want a better future for them, and by continuing to follow your career, you ensure it happens. They are your why. They inspire you to do better at what you do, to be a better person; to achieve what you thought was not possible. They are your anchors to everything.

It is always worth it.

Children will always be worth the hard work and sacrifice you do, and nobody can take that away from you. However, managing a healthy balance between a successful career and happy family life is not achieved by many. Being a working mother and executing it with success is a whole new level of greatness and heroism in our book.

Keep your head high and continue to kick butt!

How about you? What are the struggles you are facing in your career and family life, whether a working mother or not?