Success Never Happens Overnight But After Many Hours Behind The Scenes

Winner or loser.

People only see two categories in this world. Which one are you?

Keep in mind that in reality, no one really pays attention about how bad your desire to succeed is. They only see you as a success or a failure; a winner or a loser.

But then again, in every effort you make, you take a step closer to success, whether people around you acknowledge it or not.

Most only see a sprint to success, a quick run, not ten thousand hours you have spent in discovering your passion, perfecting your craft and bashing all the hurdles along the way, until you get to your destination, according to Your World Within’s compelling words. You are the only witness behind the scenes.

It does not matter if others acknowledge it or not, you do, and besides, you know the reason you are working so hard. You want to be different; you keep your flame alight, and you are working on your dreams one step at a time, one rung of the ladder at a time.

You have earned it. It is your reward for not settling for mediocrity. It’s a well spent 10 thousand hours, perhaps even longer.

Watch the video below for more motivation.

Please share with us where you are at on your ten thousand hours journey.

Source: YourWorldWithin