These Are The Critical Skills That Actually Pay Off For Good

There are things you simply take for granted.

These things are an integral part of your success, (or well, failure). The game of success is rapidly changing each day. The only thing that does not change is your ability and capacity to achieve success, no matter the situation. This seems something innate in you, after all.

But why do other people find it easy to chase their dreams? From your point of view, it may appear that they have it easier, but in reality, they do not. They go through as many hurdles as you do, perhaps even more. The difference is that they possess the critical skills necessary to succeed in life, and they have long mastered it—lifelong learning, the most important of all.

You can do the same, of course. It is not rocket science, but you do have to believe and trust yourself. Know that you can and you will.

Read on below and learn the critical skills that pay off all your life, provided you give yourself a chance to practice and master them, courtesy of LinkedIn Pulse.

What other critical skills do you think are necessary to succeed? Don’t be shy. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Critical Skills You Should Learn That Pay Dividends Forever

The further along you are in your career, the easier it is to fall back on the mistaken assumption that you’ve made it and have all the skills you need to succeed. The tendency is to focus all your energy on getting the job done, assuming that the rest will take care of itself. Big mistake.

…These are the skills that deliver the biggest payoff, both in terms of what they teach you and their tendency to keep the learning alive.

Emotional intelligence (EQ).

Time management. 


Saying No.

Asking for help.

Getting high-quality sleep.

Knowing when to shut up.

Taking initiative. 

Staying positive.

Bringing It All Together

Research shows that lifelong learning pays dividends beyond the skills you acquire. Never stop learning.

–by Dr. Travis Bradberry

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