The Dreaded First Step Is Your Ticket To The Impossible

Everybody is afraid of something.

It could be a simple matter or a life altering one. It could be the reason you are stuck where you are and you want to break free.

It may also be starting over, chasing your big dreams or running after independence. There are so many ways life could turn into, but one thing is certain, if you do not take the leap, you will not know how great it is to be on the other side of the fence.

The best way to get things done is to simply begin.

Go ahead, have the courage to take the first step and begin your journey. Start that business now, follow your passion, travel, or do whatever your heart desires. You may think it is impossible but once you have taken that first step, you will feel free, and your fear will evaporate.

I know you may be shaking, your heart thumping like thunder, like your first day in school and you fear being among strangers. But my dear, being among others might be what you need to be able to succeed in any endeavor you’d venture into.

When you are afraid, think about the possibilities you may encounter along the way. Have faith that you can because you CAN.

Begin the adventure of your lifetime. It will not always be laughter, sunshines and rainbows but what an adventure it would be!

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