The Unimaginable Should Always Fill Your Heart And Mind

We think thousands of thoughts.

It happens each day, without fail. Automatically.

Thoughts come and go. Good thoughts and bad ones.

Some linger. Some last merely a fleeting second.

What are your predominant thoughts like? Are you filling your heart with worries and fear?

This is bound to happen if you are not actively controlling the process. When we, as a species, were still hunter-gatherers, anything negative had to grab our immediate attention. Something good happening to us was nice, of course. But the bad.. Continued focus on the dangers ensured our survival.

And while we no longer have to defend ourselves against wild animals on a daily basis, our brains have not evolved much since. We still give bad news, bad thoughts, much more attention than the good.

In our modern context this gets tiring though, doesn’t it? I mean, we are wasting our time worrying about things beyond our control. Things that will most likely are not kill us, even if the worst happens. But we keep ruminating anyway.

What if, instead of dealing with the negative, we fill our hearts with greater things? With big dreams, with the unimaginable?

That way, we would be more inspired to do better and aim higher.

We can paint a better picture of the present. We can image a better future. We can go beyond what we think is possible. We can aim for nothing but greatness and magnificence.

When our hearts and mind shatter the limits we set to ourselves, we become unstoppable!

Be honest, what do your heart and mind say right now?