There Are Footsteps On The Moon, What Else Is Impossible?

Dreams and daydreams are two different things.

Do you dream to make great things happen or do you live in your daydreams you forget life is passing by?

Today’s challenge is to make a dream so big it is ridiculously impossible to achieve. Then surprise yourself by actually achieving it. Does it sound unreal? It does, but it will only remain so if you do not do anything about it.

Some people have breakthroughs after breakthroughs, success after success, making money that would take several lifetimes to spend. These people were not all born with a silver spoon, most of them had nothing. They started from the bottom, created something from scratch, and made an empire.

These are the stories familiar to us, great to hear and read about but greater still to live in. Yes, it is not easy even though successful people would only often share the highlights. But that is the thing, isn’t it? They have already made it, they have conquered the impossible, they have proven themselves, and they are the proof that if one is ambitious enough, resilient enough, tough enough to kick butt, one is unstoppable.

Take on every challenge along the way. Discover the secret of life, make success a habit and do not settle for anything less than greatness.  You deserve so much more, and if you want success, there is no way you can be stopped if you don’t want to.

One thing to remind yourself, when you are having doubts and on the verge of quitting: humans have reached the moon, once thought to be an impossible thing to achieve. If space between worlds can be bridged, nothing, again, nothing else is impossible, especially for you.

Go ahead, make things happen. Be great! Reach for your stars!

Live the life you have always imagined.