There Is No Doubt, You Can Rise and Be Among The Greats

Be as light as air.

The only reason you cannot rise is your doubt you have against yourself, and it is stopping you from spreading your wings. Stop this nonsense. Right now.

You, like everyone else, have as much right to be great, to succeed, to grab opportunities as they come.

Rise, be among the greats. Work harder than anybody else, focus, be resilient and stay on track. When you stumble, get up. It is easier to get up than to regret not taking chances.

Do not be intimidated by competition—you should only compete with yourself. Do not be afraid to fail; you can learn to fly on your way down. Do not cower from challenges; it will make you better.

So go ahead, rise into the air. Dream big. Succeed. Fly high and fly beautifully.

Are you ready to spread your wings?