These Are The Perks & Challenges Of Highly Creative People

Creativity is a gift.

It is either innate or developed. However, regardless of how it came about, creative people are sought after, for their creative minds and uniqueness. We cannot have enough of them. They inspire people and challenge those around them.

Artists express themselves differently than others, sometimes, it is out of this world kind of expression, and sometimes, it creates a whole new world of different ideas and creations. They conduct themselves in a different manner, often leaving a mark.

Creative people could be misunderstood, despite being highly successful in their chosen fields. They aren’t afraid of what others think about them. They are true to their nature and excellent at ignoring things that do not matter.

Although they are incredibly gifted, there are also some challenges. They can be moody, prefer to be alone sometimes and since they have plenty of brilliant ideas, they tend to jump from one idea to another.

In my personal view, the perks of being a highly creative person or knowing one far outweigh the challenges. We should have more individuals who aren’t afraid to succeed by simply being themselves.

Lifehack provided pointers only highly creative people will understand. And we can also understand them more, of course, by exerting a little bit more effort.

See below article and let us know your thoughts. Are you highly creative or wish to be one? There are 20 things.

20 Things Only Highly Creative People Would Understand

There’s no argument anymore. Neuroscience confirms that highly creative people think and act differently than the average person.

If you love a highly creative person, you probably experience moments when it seems like they live in a completely different world than you. Truth is, they do. But trying to change them isn’t nearly as effective as trying to understand them.

It all begins by seeing the world through their lens and remembering these 20 things:

1. They have a mind that never slows down.
2. They challenge the status quo.
3. They embrace their genius even if others don’t.
4. They have difficulty staying on task.
5. They create in cycles.
6. They need time to feed their souls.
7. They need space to create.
8. They focus intensely.
9. They feel deeply.
10. They live on the edge of joy and depression.
11. They think and speak in stories.
12. They battle Resistance every day.
13. They take their work personally.
14. They have a hard time believing in themselves.
15. They are deeply intuitive.
16. They often use procrastination as a tool.
17. They are addicted to creative flow.
18. They have difficulty finishing projects.
19. They connect dots better than others.
20. They will never grow up.

–by Kevin Kraser

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