What Do You Think Is The Big Secret To Being A Great Leader?

Leaders are like waves.

They rise and fall, and subordinates ride the waves with them. I, for one, as I think I have already mentioned before, have worked for three managers already. The one who always lets me be is the best person to work with. It makes me feel that I am being treated like an equal, and my opinion is always valued.

I have always been fortunate when it comes to my employers and I can say the same thing until today. Real leaders, after all, are the ones who think not only of themselves but how the rest of the team members are performing.

A great leader teaches, molds, and develops the people working for him. He takes responsibility and does not point fingers. But what really is the biggest secret of great leaders that make them stand out? They leave the people they manage better than before they came. They also think of themselves last. These are the qualities we must all aim and aspire for.

Linked In Pulse made this big reveal in one of their articles, together with a diagram of the four-quadrant concept and leadership.

To determine what type of leader you are, read on below and watch the video through the link provided.

Are you a leader or aspiring to be one? Aside from the characteristics mentioned above, what else do you think would make a great leader?

The One Secret to Being a Great Leader

There’s a thousand different ways to become a leader but there’s only a few ways to become a great leader.

Some leaders rise quickly and fall just as fast. Others keep the ship running but don’t inspire much in their troops. Sadly, a good many lead by terrorizing their employees. A great leader, though, will do one thing that the others don’t: he or she will make the people around and below better.

If you want further proof, just think about people in history who are revered as great leaders. Abraham Lincoln (assertive, empathetic), Winston Churchill (assertive, empathetic), Martin Luther King, Jr (assertive, empathetic). If you’re even managing one person or a team or a company, this is your goal post.

–by Betty Liu

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