Revenge? Think Of Nothing But Massive Success

Revenge is for immature people.

It sure is appealing to get back at others who wronged us but to what end? Perhaps it may feel good for a fleeting second – when you have thrown the same words flung at you or did something that was done to you – but after that, take it from us, you will feel miserable. The best thing to do? Be the better person. Take the high road.

We all have detractors. Whatever we do, no matter how careful we tread, somebody will still think ill of us or would want us to fail. Such a mindset is as old as the world itself. Some people cannot take the success of others well. We are not this kind of people.

Instead of descending to the level of non-believers, ignore them and show them what you have got. How? By being successful in everything you do. Be happy. Be contented. Be successful. Be who you are and always look at the bright side of life.

There will always be disappointments and pain. These are part of life. Don’t take it against anyone. Take what life has to offer and do not let negativity touch your kind spirit. Excel, even when others want you to fail.

Be great at what you do. Be YOU. It is the best revenge. Not only you have not wasted precious time on others who do not deserve your attention, but you have also achieved what they think was impossible. There is no better payback than that.

Do what you think is best for you regardless of what other people say. Dream big and DO big. When you do this, you will no time for revenge and other things that do not serve your life, goals, and purpose.

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