5 Great Reasons Why You Need To Think Of Yourself First

Take care of yourself first.

Does it sound awfully selfish? Of course not.

After all, people who think of themselves first are downright selfish and have the coldest hearts. We say, not really.

Think about this, when you are burned out, depleted, stressed and tired, would you be able to help another, be nice, productive or be yourself? We don’t think so.

If you are still in doubt, we will give you five great reasons:

  1. You need “me time.”

We all do. When you hear your thoughts clearly, and you get to do what you want even for just an hour or two, it makes a lot of difference. You can have coffee in peace; eat in silence, read a book or magazine without interruption.

  1. You need to splurge on yourself.

We are not saying you blow your bank account, but you deserve a good treat once in a while. You are, after all, working so hard and buying something for yourself is something that says you are doing well and you are doing a good job. Or go to a vacation, pamper yourself and do something for you alone.

  1. Explore new things and have fun.

Don’t sit behind your desk Monday-Friday and do the same at home. Go out, connect with friends, make new friends, try something new, have a new hobby. It is good for your health, your mind, and your heart. You need an outlet other than your job, so don’t forget to have fun.

  1. Be generous with compliments to yourself.

You are doing a great job, and you know it. Tell yourself, “You are great.” “You are confident.” “You rock.” “You are slaying it.” Compliment yourself and don’t be shy about it. Sometimes, we don’t need a pat on the back from someone else; we can give it to ourselves.

  1. Focus on your health.

When you are healthy, you have the power to do everything you want to do and more. You can give more focus and love to your work, your family and friends, without fear of burning out or spreading yourself too thin.

See? Taking care of yourself and thinking you first isn’t such a bad idea after all.

How about you? Have you been thinking of yourself first?