Think You’re On The Verge Of Losing? This Is A Must Do

You may want to let go.

You may want to give up and just call it quits. You should not.

Yes, it’s hard to keep fighting and holding on, and sometimes, you would be on the verge of losing your will to carry on and survive. You have gone a long way only to give up now. What you must do is keep fighting and refuse to let hardship overcome your will.


There is only one thing to do, and that is to prove that you are bigger than any hurdle, and that you will triumph against yourself. Most of the time, the hardest struggle is the one you fight within.

Even during moments when giving up is the most logical thing to do, it isn’t. Hold on as tight as you can and fight as long as you can. Like any struggle, it will not last. When it is over, you would say it wasn’t so bad after all, and you will be prepared to keep going once again.

Things always get better and when you feel that you are about to lose all hope and the ability to fight and keep going, refuse to lose one last time and claim success, which is rightfully yours.

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