This Is Why You Should Never Fear Change

Change — Something that shatters our soul.

Is this an exaggeration? People hate changes. I should know for I hated it too – until I discovered how liberating change really is.

So why should you never fear change again? Here are the reasons:

Change means you have a chance to DO IT OVER.

You can look forward, leave everything behind that was unpleasant and take the lesson and experience with you. Was it a failed career? Start and explore another. Were you in a bad relationship? Be glad it’s over, because you deserve so much more. Were you not able to finish school because you had to move out all of a sudden? No problem. There’s a new place to explore and a chance to make new friends. Whatever it is, it cannot be too bad. Most importantly, there is nothing you cannot handle.

Adapting to change means you will learn how to be flexible.

Nothing is ever constant; you know that, so does everyone. If you are open to change, you will not find it difficult to adjust when it happens. This is super useful, especially when you don’t have enough time to fix things – only enough time to adapt.

Twenty Years From now

Change is for second chances

Many people longed for a second chance and not everyone gets it. This is because sometimes it is already too late. Change is something beyond your control and the only thing you can do is to react positively. Explore, walk barefoot in the sand and bare your soul. When you let go of what was, you’ll know what is best for the situation now.  Go from there.

To sum it up, do whatever you want and let change be a guide, not a destruction or distraction. When you look back, after so many years, you will be proud of what you have become. When you strive for what you want to become, there may still be few regrets. However, you would also know you have done everything you can to live the life you deserve!

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