That Extra Mile Is Your Ticket To Greatness

Why bother?

If no else does, why should you, you might ask. The answer is simple. You go where no else has gone because that is where you will find what you have been looking for: success and greatness.

Not everyone is cut to succeed. It is not for the faint of heart. You would have to go through things you think you may not be able to overcome, but you will surprise yourself. You can do anything. The journey will not be easy. You will probably stumble several times, and you will not like it one bit. There will be instances when you would want to give up. Don’t. You will be tested, hard, and a lot of times. Never falter.

Follow the path where your heart is leading you. Most people are afraid to take the road less traveled but bear in mind that you are not most people. You decide who you become. This is no different. Fight for what you know you deserve. Do not take no for an answer and always believe in yourself.

No one said it is going to be easy or that it will happen quickly. Successful people know that everything is possible but hard work and dedication is necessary to make the impossible happen. When you don’t give up, you achieve more than greatness. You discover who you are, what you can do, and what life has to offer. These things will tell you that the extra mile will always be worth it, no matter what.

The next time you ask yourself why you have to go the extra mile, ask “Why not?” instead. It will propel you to places you have never been. Remember that!

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