You Know Time Is Intangible And It Is Not Unlimited…

We spend time carelessly.

We think we have plenty of time to do the things we want to do, so we put it aside for later, for tomorrow, next week or the following year. We do this often that we barely blink anymore and just do it. What we fail to realize, and miserably at that, is we have been wasting one of the most precious things a human being could ever have, the value of time.

Perhaps because it is intangible, hence, we do not see its real value and importance, but then again, we have known it already, we just forget or worse, choose to.

Well, just because we have forgotten does not mean it is unlimited. We are running out of time, even if we do not realize it. That thing we have neglected to do yesterday could already have borne fruit today. That dream we had set aside five years ago could have been realized today. A lot of could haves, which would be buried into nothingness because we can no longer turn the clock.

So, if you have dreams to achieve, places to go, love to share, do it now. Success is not to be waited on; it has to be worked on. We don’t have forever; let us stop wasting time before our life gets wasted in return.

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