To Be Better, There Are Mistakes You Need To Make

You want to be perfect.

But the good thing is, you will never be. We will never be. Why is it good not to be perfect? You may ask. The answer is simple. If you are not perfect, you will always find ways to do better. You will challenge yourself to work harder and seek ways on how to perform your best.

It goes without saying that you will try to avoid mistakes and minimize them because you are fully aware that these are things you cannot make. Big or small, you will commit mistakes along the way and no matter how you feel when you do, making mistakes is actually in your favor.

Do I hear another why? Once again, it is a simple reasoning. You learn from your mistakes. We all do. A mistake is always a lesson. The same thing is true when it comes to failures, no matter how much we try to avoid them.

There are mistakes in life which you need to commit, intentional or otherwise. Sometimes, the result may be devastating, but it is necessary to shape your character, to learn to acknowledge small successes and accomplishments.

To sum up, to succeed and to learn the most valuable lessons, you need to commit mistakes first.

See below the list of mistakes that will help you become a better person, according to Upworthy. Do you agree or disagree?

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6 mistakes you need to make at least once

Here are six mistakes I think you almost have to make to be successful and fulfilled in life:

  1. Trust the wrong people.

Trust the wrong people because it’s one of the only ways to end up trusting the right ones.

  1. Screw up your finances.

It’s a mistake I can’t see myself making again, and it’s a mistake I know I’ve learned from.

  1. Choose a bad career path.

Don’t look on it as a waste of time. Trust me, it’s not.

  1. Make selfish decisions.

If you’re lucky, it stops you from being able to pretend that everyone else in the world is a non-player-character in a game.

  1. Take the easy way out.

But do it once and you should learn something: Taking the easy way out will often come back to bite you. You will likely regret it.

  1. Work too hard.

If you choose to work too hard once and you burn out, that’s an awesome opportunity to learn. 

So screw up once in a while. Hell, screw up every day! And take something from those mistakes, because in my book, messing up is a quicker road to success and satisfaction than being perfect every day of the week.

–by Jon Westenberg

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