To Be Highly Successful, Master These 9 Body Language

It is one thing you cannot ignore.

Body language is as powerful as spoken words, if not more. In many cases, it dictates the outcome of negotiations and agreements or it could create a rift between parties.

It is the reason why highly successful people have long mastered the tricks of body language. It greatly helps in their dealings with other people, business related or not. It shows confidence, intellect and grace.

A person who exudes confidence without saying anything, for example, has already bridged the gap of a favorable outcome—something most people struggle about. That is how important it is.

If you are struggling to master the art, worry not, Success Story compiled nine tricks we can utilize starting today. Read on below and find out more and I bet you will never be the same person again.

Tell us, when it comes to body language, what have you mastered and what are you struggling about?

Be Highly Successful: 9 Body Language Secrets of Exceptional People

Here are 9 secrets which you can follow to control your body language like a successful person.

  1. To increase participation, look like you’re listening.
  2. To boost your confidence, assume a power pose
  3. To encourage collaboration, remove barriers
  4. To connect instantly with someone, shake hands
  5. To stimulate good feelings, smile
  6. To improve your speech, use your hands
  7. To show agreement, mirror expressions and postures
  8. To sound authoritative, keep your voice down
  9. To improve your memory, uncross your arms and legs

Don’t be cautious about your body language, let it flow normally and practice will surely make those moves perfect and master the art of body language.

–by Success Story

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