To Succeed, What Do They Know That You Don’t?

It is like a guessing game.

You wonder what others are doing to make it work in the business world, as if it is the easiest things to do but you know it is not true. You are struggling and grasping at straws to keep your head afloat.

They are risk takers, so are you? It is the reason you put up your own business after all. But what are you doing wrong? Sometimes, you get too frustrated you just want to call it quits.

Somewhere out there, in the tightening circle of entrepreneurs, a lot of people are thinking the same thing, doing everything they can to survive another day. has published an article revealing the secrets of insanely successful entrepreneurs. This may be something you need to determine what you are doing wrong or what else you need to do to be successful, even if not insanely so.

Read on below and tell us, how insanely successful do you want to become?

8 Secrets Insanely Successful Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

Success is an effect, not a cause―the outward manifestation of an internal reality. To be successful, you must see the world different from the norm. Further, you don’t react to life, but rather, embody principles and ideals that organically facilitate the outcomes you desire.

Here’s your new mental framework:

1. You Are In Control
2. Ambiguity Is A Good Thing
3. Imposter Syndrome Should Be Embraced
4. Fear Is Not To Be Feared, But Essential
5. Happiness And Success Are Effects, Not Causes
6. Success Is Harder To Deal With Than Failure
7. Who You Seek Advice From Matters
8. Competition Is The Enemy


Becoming insanely successful is the natural by-product of behaviors and beliefs.

–by Benjamin P. Hardy

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