These Top 10 Characteristics Highlight Your Fearlessness

What are you scared of?

Failure? We all go through it, and we are still here, trying yet again. But you know, in reality, you were born fearless and just in case you have forgotten, we will remind you of your fearlessness by listing ten characteristics that best describe you.

1. You are true to yourself and comfortable in your own skin.
2. You know what you want.
3. You do what you want and you do not care what other people think.
4. You follow your dreams, no matter how frightening the possibilities are.
5. You trust your instinct, and you listen to your heart.
6. Your faith is unshakable.
7. You go against the tide.
8. You speak your mind.
9. You are comfortable being alone.
10. You set the bar high and beat it.

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. -Bill Cosby

See? You have always been prepared to kick butts all along but for some reason, your fear stops you from getting what you want.

Think about this; if you continue being scared, nothing will ever happen to you except the fact that you will keep wondering with a “What if” hanging over your head. You might as well go after what you want and even if you do not exactly achieve it, you will end up learning great lessons along the way.

Do you agree with our list? What else would describe your fearlessness?