4 Ways To Transform Yourself Into An Effective Early Bird

Morning is the most challenging time for you.

We get it; you are not the early bird type. It is hard to get up from bed and even harder to prepare to start your day. The comfort of your room is too difficult to say no to. But alas, like the rest of us, get up you must and start your daily grind, no matter how difficult it is to do.

To make each morning easier and more bearable for you, we suggest the following:


If you haven’t done this, you will be amazed how effective it would be. The more you prioritize and plan, the easier you will accomplish your tasks. This also means you will get things done ahead of time and as a result, it leaves you more time to do other things and still get home early. Getting home early means more rest and preparation for tomorrow’s kick ass schedule.

Get organized.

Do this on your desk and at home. Organized surroundings help you think clearly and execute your tasks with clarity. For example, how organized are your closet, bed, and kitchen? Are you able to find and prepare your outfit the night before, sleep on a clutter-free bed and find utensils without having to go through all your kitchen stuff? If you answered yes to all, you are well on your way. How you start in the morning dictates how well you can manage your time, after all.


Set your watch and phone in advance. It works for a friend. Her watch and alarm clock are ridiculously advanced, (an hour to be exact), so much so that she does get to her appointments on time. The downside? When you ask her for the time, you get taken aback by how late it already is. It works for her so it might work for you. As for myself, I never really have a problem being an early bird.

Sleep on time.

Yes, we know it is basic, but it is also the most forgotten. Sleeping late also means waking up late, which is not to your advantage. Whereas, when you get to bed early, you can also have an early start. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have no idea how good it feels to get done with what you have set out to do early.

We hope this article helps. Don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t get it right the first time. Consider yourself a work in progress.

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