Truth: Even Mistakes May Pave The Way To A Better Career

 Perfection is just an illusion.

We know, nothing is perfect, and literally, nobody is. Of course, it is but normal to wish to achieve perfection, but the thing is, there will always be flaws to be corrected, mistakes to be rectified and lessons to be learned.

If we keep looking for flaws, nothing will ever get done, and nothing will ever be achieved. Instead of making an attempt to correct such flaws, it may be better to embrace it and move on. Sometimes, there are things we cannot hide or deny—the only thing we can do is accept it.

Being a perfectionist is an excellent trait to have but it is also a setback we must acknowledge. As long as we have done our best, no one else could ask for more. We know what we are capable of, we know our limit. We can push as hard as we can, as far as we can but if we have done our best, it is enough.

To understand how mistakes and its acceptance will help us improve, as well as our career and lead the way to success, please read on below.

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4 Mistakes That Sometimes Help Your Career

Yes…mistakes were regrettable, but some mistakes serve as teaching experiences.

Researchers asked, “What mistakes have you made in your career that benefited you in the long term?” and “What mistakes have you made that have hurt your career?”

Here are the results—four mistakes that may ultimately prove to be beneficial:

1. Saying Yes to Everything

Murthy Renduchintala, co-president of QCT at Qualcomm in San Diego, shared the benefit he found from saying yes to everything: “This company started with seven people. The founders had a simple vision to improve communication, which meant saying yes to possibility. We became the company that no matter what the problem or the deadline, we would find a solution.”

2. Working for a Jerk

“I ended up learning a lot more about myself than I ever expected.”

3. Getting Fired for What You Believe

The employee was fired, but years later reports that he has no regrets.

4. Assuming You’re Right

Ultimately they learned that it’s OK to be wrong.

The Mistake They’ll Always Regret

They reflected and focused on failure to appreciate a relationship. And from this study of more than 1.7 million great work outcomes, I would maintain that it is the mistake no executive or company can afford to make.

–by David Sturt

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