Understand The Reason Why You Are Not Feeling Motivated

Getting motivated is easy.

The problem is, it is also as easy for motivation to dissipate. Whatever you want to accomplish in life, the more motivated you are, the easier it is to get things done and the more success you’d have.

But the problem is, motivation is not always present—there are times, sometimes even for a longer period, that you just do not feel the urge to do anything, you procrastinate and let things pile up until you can barely catch up. It is human nature to enjoy doing nothing. By this, I do not mean staring at the ceiling all day but doing stuff that is neither helpful nor productive.

The good news is, according to science, you are always motivated, but the key is just acknowledging it because it is also part of one’s psychological needs. You also need to be aware what sort of motivation you have and how you can sustain such motivation and not procrastinate.

Success.com has explained it thoroughly. Read on below and find out more and then be ready to get motivated each time. Say goodbye to procrastination!

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The Science Behind Why You Don’t Feel Motivated

That half-finished project sits on the corner of your desk screaming at you…And all you can think is, I’m just not motivated.

Does money motivate you? Yes…Research shows that even if you achieve a goal while motivated for suboptimal reasons, you are unlikely to sustain your effort over time.

Motivation science provides a healthy alternative, and you can take advantage of this new science to shift from suboptimal to optimal motivation. In particular, there are three nutriments that supply what you need to get things done—especially those goals and tasks that require energy and effort over time.

These three nutriments are autonomy, relatedness and competence—and they’re psychological needs.

When one or more of these psychological needs is missing, you simply don’t have the energy you need to get things done.

The first step is to recognize and admit the type of motivation you have.

…Motivation is a skill. You can learn to experience high-quality motivation any time and any place you choose.

–by Susan Fowler

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