It’s High Time To Unleash The Beast In You

You are amazingly beastly.

Despite all the struggles that life may throw at you, you will face them like a beast that doesn’t give up the fight:

  1. Your eyes are fixated at the prize, and you never let it out of your sight despite how hard it seems to keep your focus on it. In the end, your willpower wins.
  2. You never listen to the discouragement you hear from others. The weather does not deter you and the storms that occasionally visit your life cannot ruffle your vision. With each blow, you’ll be more ready to face the next shot.
  3. You know when to hold on, and you know when to let go. Separating your life from the negative and things that do not serve your purpose is effortless. You know what you want, and you only do things you are passionate about.
  4. You choose your battles. You do not waste time on irrelevant matters. You are better than your failures and challenges.
  5. You are confident, and you trust your ability to handle anything. Cowering from pain and hardship is always out of the question.

Beast mode ON.

You are all these and more, but it seems that you have forgotten. You are a beast against a giant boulder. You are a monster against hurdles. You are the master of yourself and the one who calls the shots when it comes to your dreams.

It is once again the time to turn the beast mode on and remember who you are. Don’t ever sell yourself short or settle for anything less than you deserve again. Work for what you want and be happy, wherever life takes you.

It may be a bumpy road or a smooth one. The important thing is to learn the lessons along the way and be grateful for every little blessing that may sprout along the way.

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