How To Use Self-Talk To Help You Become Successful

How can we use a simple habit to improve our chances of becoming successful?

A lot of us consciously and unconsciously go through our day while constantly chatting with our inner selves. When we get up from our beds in the morning, we can choose to say something motivating like “Today will be a great day!” or something like “Oh, it’s Monday again. I hate work.”

There’s a reason, though, why we are always reminded to feed our minds with positive thoughts. Apparently, the effect of both positive and negative self-talk can influence your chances of becoming successful. You know why? One negative self-talk can alter your mood, the rest of your day and your outlook in life in general. Eliminate this bad habit, right now, and empower yourself with positive self-talk for a more positive and successful outcome.

Read the rest of this article to know how you can improve the way you talk to yourself moving forward.

How Talking to Yourself Can Help You Be More Successful

According to a psychologist, Dr. Karissa Thacker, self-talk does have the ability to boost confidence, regulate emotions, and improve overall mood and performance, but it’s how you talk to yourself that matters most.

Self-Talking Yourself Into or Out of Action.

Positive self-talk…such as “you can do this” is often motivational and spurs us into action.

Write Down Your Self-Talk.

In order to tell what kind of self-talk you engage in, Thacker says to write it down. “You need to notice what’s going on in your head,” she says.

Challenge Negative Self-Talk.

Once you’ve identified the negative thoughts that re-occur in your head, challenge them head-on.

Focus on action.

Focus on what you should do rather than what you should avoid.

Ditch Negative Nelly.

Surrounding yourself by a supportive and positive team can influence the type of language you use on yourself.

The Way You Address Yourself Matters.

Using the pronoun “you” instead of “I” when talking to yourself is more effective.

–by Lisa Evans

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