Do You Want Your Boss To Notice You? Do These Things!

Everybody wants to impress the boss.

Whether or not new to the company or have been there a long time, we always want to make a good impression and make our boss notice our potential. No, it is not about kissing ass, it is about kicking butt.

Here are the things you can do to make your boss notice your stellar performance:

Don’t be a whiner

Nobody likes a whiner. Not your co-workers, not your boss and heck, not even yourself, for sure. If a task is assigned to you, accept it and do your best to meet the deadline, do your research if you have to and give it all you have got. Don’t complain and don’t compare. Don’t mind what your co-workers are doing and focus on yours. This way, you will perform better.

Never stop learning

Life is about learning, so is work. There is always something new to learn and discover. If you want to get ahead and yes, impress your employer, make it a point to learn a new skill that you think would help you advance your career. For example, do you think you need to learn how to code? If that is what’s needed, go ahead. Or is it accounting, why not give it a try? The more you learn to hone your craft and to advance your career, the better.

Be proactive

It pays to be proactive. Don’t wait for the problem to happen before you do something about it. Offer to help out and do extra work when time allows it. For example, when I was working in a corporate setting, I would ask my boss if there is something she needed help with. More often than not, there’s something you can help with. This kind of initiative will make you stand out.

Take responsibility for your actions

Pointing fingers may be the easiest way to get out of a mess, but it isn’t fair. It also catches up with you pretty soon so don’t play the blame game. When you make a mistake, admit and take responsibility for it. This shows potential for leadership and that you are not afraid to face the consequences of your actions, especially when you know you meant well. Things don’t always work out anyway; you either do it right or learn something. Whoever said learning is a bad thing, right?

Bear in mind that being your best and doing everything you can to perform well is good enough but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile to get ahead of the pack.

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