4 Amazing Ways Not To Lose Your Sanity As An Entrepreneur

Have a successful business without losing your head.

Launching a business is exciting. Just thinking of the benefits one would reap after such hard work is enough to jump into it at once. But don’t wear your celebratory hat yet because you still have to walk through fire to get there. You may even lose your sanity along the way.

Most businesses and entrepreneurs fail because of lack of preparation and scalability, that secret ingredient that makes business capable of growth. While it is great to think ahead of the good times, you have to be realistic and deal with the situation on hand and the reality that it may not be an easy ride.

Worry no more, Amy Anderson listed the best ways on how to ensure a business would succeed without losing your head in the process.

Read on. It is not as hard as you think!

Do These 4 Things to Avoid Losing Your Mind as an Entrepreneur

  1. Write down the number of hours you’re spending on your client work each week. Then write down the number of hours you’re spending on administrative or other work related to running your business.
  2. Ask yourself how much more you can handle. Be honest. Do you have another hour in your day or would adding more work require skipping a lunch break?
  3. Analyze your marketing. Do you get clients from your website? From social media? From an online job site? How many and how fast do they come in?
  4. If you continue to acquire new business at the same rate, calculate how soon you will crash and burn.

–by Amy Anderson

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