5 Ways To Beat Procrastination Every Single Time

Is procrastination a habit too hard to break?

Or is it a habit we don’t want to break? We believe it is the former because who would not want to accomplish a lot of things and be productive all the time right? Life is too short and time too quick to waste on anything else but making the most out of both, after all.

It is time to do something about it and break the habit of procrastination. Here’s how:

Find out why you are procrastinating

Is it because you are not up to the task or you are not in the mood to work? Moods can be changed and if you condition yourself that you have to do what needs to be done and why, you will get it done. Also, you have to remember that a task is given to you because you are capable of delivering it. If you are unclear on how to proceed, ask and clarify. Not knowing or feeling like you are not up to it is not an excuse. Step up and embrace the challenge. You will be surprised how much you know and how much more you can learn.

Plan ahead

For example, you may want to check your email first thing and respond to the urgent ones. After which, you can check your email again when you are done with your other tasks for the day. Prioritize and do tasks according to their order of urgency and importance. Make a list if you have to. This way, you will not forget anything, and you will not jump from one task to another without accomplishing anything.

Just do it

Sometimes, the best course of action is just to do what needs to be done. Deadlines won’t change because you don’t feel like doing your deliverables. You still have to do it regardless of how you feel so you might as well jump into it and get it done while you are ahead. Besides, if you mean to succeed and excel in what you do, procrastination will never stop you.

Appreciate every milestone

Every day may not be a challenging day, but there are little challenges we face every day. When you do something good and overcome each hurdle, give yourself a tap on the back and be proud of what you have accomplished. This way, you will even be more inspired to tackle each task, big or small. When you have done your best to get something done, you deserve to celebrate a victory, and who better does that but yourself, right?

Set realistic expectations

Don’t put a lot on your plate because this is one way to get overwhelmed. We know you can do great things, but you cannot do all of them at once. Set a limit of tasks you can do in a day without stretching yourself too thin to make sure you can do all them effectively. As you get used to it, you can add more tasks and accomplish more.

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