Here Are 4 Ways To Make Life Easier, Really!

Procrastination, such a common ‘nasty’ thing.

Whoever says he or she is not guilty of procrastination is lying.

Oftentimes, we feel tasks are hard to accomplish simply because we refuse to make things easy for ourselves.

What we do is leave things unattended for a long time until it is actually forgotten. In short, we make excuses.

It is time we stop doing it and adopt the principle of convenience. It is a simple habit of preparing things early by way of anticipation and you will never go wrong.

Read on to find out the four simple ways to enjoy life. You will never believe how easy it is!

4 Ways to Make Your Life Easier (They’re Shockingly Simple)

Why not harness the Convenience Principle to do stuff that’s a bit more involved than chucking catalogs or chomping carrots? I began asking such questions years ago, and on top of kayaking, the perks have included:

  1. More time talking with friends.
  2. Fewer missed errands.
  3. Bigger muscles.
  4. More ideas brought to fruition.

Sure, none of these steps are Nobel-worthy. But they’ve shown me how even small changes can yield big rewards.

–by Melissa Balmain

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