The Time to Weave Your Dreams Is Now

 By all means, dream.

Nothing ever happens without a dream. You cannot succeed by mere happenstance. Plans, success, greatness, discoveries, and inventions all were all born from dreams.

Putting up a business and making it successful starts with a dream – a crazy dream. Well, the crazier the dream, the better because it means you’d go nuts just to find a way to make it work and succeed.

When you dream, you organize, you validate, and you execute. It is a simple process that others find hard to follow but no matter what you want to achieve in life, dreaming is not enough, you have to follow through. You will have to make sacrifices along the way, and you’d find more challenges than you think you can handle but you will be able to get through them anyway. You will even surprise yourself when you do.

Read the article below and learn the concrete way to make your dreams come true. Please let us know your thoughts afterwards!

Want Success? All You Have to Do Is Dream — and Organize, Validate and Execute.

True entrepreneurs can’t stop thinking and dreaming. Entrepreneurs see the world differently.

But here is where the fatal error occurs: The vast majority of entrepreneurs do not take the time to figure out if their business will actually work.

This is where the D.O.V.E. (dream, organize, validate, and execute) technique was born.

…Let’s go through it together:


Dreaming will allow you to discover why your idea won’t work or how to make money at it.


You should also take time to go talk to your ideal customers and ask them what they think. Make sure that your relationships with your co-founders are well thought of, detailed and committed to paper.


Take the time to validate your plans.


When you decide to execute, you have to be willing to give it your all.

–by Ken Dunn

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