What Obstacles Are You Willing To Knock Down?

Opportunities come to those who seek.

I have always been a believer that when you ask, you receive. Of course, it may not always come in the exact form you have asked, but you receive it nonetheless. Sometimes, it is disguised, and you have to figure it out as you go.

For example, you cannot have a great job if you do not look for one. Once you find one, it may not be ideal but it may lead you to what you really want in the end. You cannot succeed if you do not work hard, and life remains the same if you keep doing the same thing. Most importantly, you cannot get anywhere if you are not willing to beat the obstacle in front of you.

The doors will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock.

People say that nothing worth it comes easy. It is true. Knock off all the doors if you have to, experiment, try and figure out what’s worth making sacrifices for. You should be willing to face any obstacles threatening your big dreams. Nothing is too hard if only you would persist and defy self-doubt.

When an opportunity presents itself, grab it. Learn and excel at it. When a hurdle gets in your way, smash it and carry on.

Perhaps it may seem impossible at times, but once you look into the bigger picture, it isn’t. It becomes a mere test of your tenacity and resolve until success becomes yours.

Therefore, don’t wait for opportunities, make them. Chase them until the right one for you comes along. Don’t wait and do nothing. Wait while working hard for it.

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