What You Need, Most Of All, Is The Elusive Self-Compassion

Human nature is confusing.

One day you are at your best behavior and the next day you are beating yourself to death, although not literally but you might just as well be.

Falling prey in the wagon of self-flagellation is easy. Instead of looking at the bright side, you focus on what you did wrong. You compare yourself with others, barely with the glitters, you see, without really knowing what is underneath. You think less of you and put others on the pedestal.

Stop. Just. Stop. Backtrack and retrace your step. Learn self-compassion. No, it is not self-pity. Rather, it is acknowledging and being mindful of your existence, as a wonderful person that you are.

To learn and appreciate self-compassion more, follow the exercise provided by School of Life by watching the video below.

Be honest, are you kind to yourself?.

Source: The School of Life