When Body & Mind Are United, You Are Formidable

You can endure.

Your body can handle more than you think it could. Your threshold to pain is higher than you give yourself credit. In short, your body can manage a lot of things. Your mind, however, falters sometimes, and it tells you to give up and stop long before your body feels tired.

You are constantly challenged, whatever you do. It is up to you if you will take it or you will turn on your back on the quest of making yourself better and healthier.

When you work out, or run and exercise or do anything else for that matter, your brain can tell you what to do, and it is so powerful that when it says enough, you think it’s a signal that your body also has had enough even if it is not true.

You will feel sore, and your brain will tell you that you are tired even if you have barely started. This is how powerful the brain is. This is how controlling your thoughts can be, if you let it. To take control, you have to direct your mind, steer it somewhere positive, happy and peaceful. Make it focus on what you need to accomplish, even when it is extra challenging in some instances.

Sometimes, it is difficult to convince your brain to do what you want because it is the brain that has control over you. It takes a bit of practice and yes, a changed mindset. Don’t be surprised when we say you can easily do it.

Think about it this way. If your body and your mind work hand in hand and be in sync which each other, you become formidable because then you would do the extra mile and exert more effort.

Change the way you think, take charge of your mind and do not give up when you know, deep inside, that you still can. Keep those lunges and crunches coming!

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This article was originally posted by HealthDelight. Reposted with permission.