Who Are You, Really? You Are A Great Champion!

Have you acknowledged yourself for you who you are yet?

You have withstood challenges in life and will withstand some more before your time is up. You have made a difference in this world. You have touched someone’s life. You have made somebody smile. You see the best in everyone. You have faith in humanity. You see the goodness in everything. You see light even when it is dark.

That is how amazing you are. You go to battle in full gear, never wavering despite the fear you feel. You will shed blood. You will climb mountains, barefoot if necessary.

What else is there to do? Continue being a champion. Cross more seas, shed more sweat and tears but giving up would never occur to you.

So who are you again? Yes, you are a champion. A great one!

Do you want to get more pumped up? Watch the video below.

Tell us, what is your favorite trait as champ?

Source: Pawel Jedrzejak