Why Complain When You Can Be More Productive Instead?

It is the easiest thing to do.

Complaining, we complain about not having enough, not getting enough, not being good enough. We also feel bad about not being someone or something else. We blame others for the things we have to do, need to do and for every little misfortune. It is endless and pointless.

If we complain less, I am sure we would all be happier and we would live in a better world. Is that too much to imagine? I don’t think it is, provided we all do our part.

Instead of our incessant complaining, why don’t we aim to be more productive instead? This way, we can avoid the feeling of negativity. We can also refrain from dragging ourselves down, along with the people around us.

Admittedly, sometimes, it is hard to find reasons to smile when all you see is darkness and a ball of rage inside you. However if we exert enough effort and acknowledge the beauty that surrounds us, it’s a good start.

Lifehack provided seven ways that can help us avoid complaining and be productive instead. It is an excellent way to shift our focus and help us become better individuals.

What do you do to avoid complaining?

Effectively Stop Complaining in 7 Easy Steps

Life is stressful, and complaining may be considered by many as an extension of being absolutely normal. However, complaining affects our brains and our physical health negatively.

Negative stress can also exacerbate chronic health problems, such as diabetes or asthma. Other physical complaints may include increased headaches, joint pain, and depression. One way to combat these symptoms is through learning how to stop useless complaining.

1. Nourish A Positive Attitude
2. Learn To Adapt
3. Be More Mindful
4. Be Assertive
5. Be Less Judgmental
6. Be Responsible
7. Keep Moving Forward

As you follow these steps and lessen the habit of complaining, you will find yourself leading a more confident lifestyle. Move forward with self-assurance and confidence. Above everything else, be gentle with yourself.

–by Katherine Eion

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