Why Not Save Your Sanity & Do What You Want To Do?

You are afraid of something, so am I.

A few months back, an unexpected turn of events shook me down to my core, and I did not know what to do. Just thinking about what would happen was enough to turn my legs into useless jelly and my crazy thoughts skyrocketed, in a literal sense of the word.

I could not eat and sleep, and I kept going back to the question, which had no answer then, “What the heck am I going to do and where am I going?” In a nutshell, I was uprooted and plucked out of my comfort zone. I felt lost.

That was then, and it feels like eons ago. Now, I am comfortable and happy with my job, with myself, and with what I want to do. I certainly know where to go. Most importantly, I will do what I want to do and I am confident enough to do it, no matter what.

Am I afraid? Yes, because I do not know what is waiting for me but my fear becomes irrelevant because what I want to happen is stronger. I am also excited and in fact, I feel so excited that I get intoxicated from just the thought of it. Freedom and big dreams!


You may be afraid, too and that is exactly why you should do it. If you don’t, you may be okay with doing whatever does not make you frightened, but you will never be truly happy because it is not what you want in the first place. Leave your comfort zone, even if it chills your bone to think about it. What is waiting for you is better. Once you do it, you will even ask yourself why you have not done it sooner.

You may earn plenty of money, but you will not find contentment if it is not what you want to do. If you want to be a writer, you can be. A dancer perhaps? Dance like you own the stage (Wait, you do!) You want to see the world? Travel. There are ways to make it work, travelling and working at the same time.

If you do not do what your heart tells you to do, you will be crazy thinking and wishing you were instead of dragging yourself to a job you have no passion about every single day.

Consider this your friendly reminder that you can do what you want and I strongly hope you will!

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