The Important Question Is, Why Not You?

It all begins with a question, “Why?”

Why bother to do things? Why do that much? Or why go that far?

Then a challenge follows: asking why not; see how far one can go, or how many skills can be developed? What sort of person would you become? Or why not see how many people you can rescue from oblivion? Ah, the clanging cymbals of challenges, beckoning.

Instead of wallowing in doubt, why don’t you take on the challenge? If others can, why not you?

Are you not a bit curious to see how far you can go? Do you believe that you can grow immensely powerful, healthy and wealthy?

The time to ask why or why not has passed. It’s time to consider asking yourself, why not you?

Watch the video below. I am sure you’d feel the urge to start giving life to that dream of yours now!

Source: TheJourneyofPurpose TJOP