Why Others Fail And Why You Should Not

What is the easiest thing people are good at?

It is not to live; it is to fail. Abandoning your quest for knowledge, success, adventure and discovery is as easy as blinking. People all fail at some point; the difference is, do you fail because you refuse to try or because you have given up along the way or you have worked so hard, but it still did not work out?

Here are the reasons why others fail:

  • They are afraid to try.
  • They give up along the way when the going gets tough.
  • They are not prepared to leave their comfort zone.
  • They lack dedication and focus.
  • They begin without the intention to finish.


Here are the reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT FAIL, apart from the fact that you make it impossible due to:

  • Your dedication and tenacity are unwavering.
  • You focus all your attention on the goal, and you finish whatever you start with as much enthusiasm.
  • You don’t get too comfortable in your comfort zone, and you are not afraid to try and to fail, knowing that when you do, you have done everything in your power to make it work—it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t BUT you will make another attempt and try again.
  • You don’t get discouraged by what other people think you cannot do. Instead, you prove them wrong, because they are.
  • You are not afraid to go out there, be yourself and do whatever it is that makes you happy and sets your soul on fire.

These are only few of the characteristics that set you miles apart from the rest. You may fall along the way, but you don’t see it as a failure but rather, an opportunity to learn and be better than you were. Why? Because for those who are always up for a challenge, there is no such thing as failure, just roadblocks—nothing more that they cannot handle.

How about you? Are you ready to focus and finish?